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Benefits for Individual Members


The U.S. Investor Clubs as a national organization offers many benefits to both individuals who live too far from a local meeting to participate and established clubs. There's a verse in the Bible that says, "There is safety in a multitude of counselors." That could be paraphrased by saying, "All of us are smarter than any of us." If you're on you own in the investment wilderness, U.S.I.C. is ready to come alongside you with knowledge and guidance through our monthly newsletter, "Beating the Markets." In each issue you will see articles from club members as well as the nationally recognized speakers who make presentations at our various clubs. If you can't be there in person, reading a summary of their presentations is the next-best thing.

We also act as a facilitator in two ways. When you join, we ask for your mailing address. As we see enough people in one area to put together a local club, we put you in touch with each other, and help with the mechanics of setting up your informal organization. We also often find that, even though you thought you were alone, there is already an established club close to you. Most clubs operate by word of mouth, and you may not know anyone in that club. Our national database can act as a contact point in these situations.

Finally, we will soon have a new service which all members will love, but which will be particularly useful to members with no local meetings. Our web site is being updated to include a chat room where members can share advice, information, and condolences. We feel this will be extremely beneficial since most clubs only meet once a month. This will provide a simple method of communication between meetings. Also, many of our clubs have small sub-groups for special interests such as options or a particular type of software. We plan to do something similar on the web site.

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Benefits for Clubs


How We Can Help Your Club

If you are a member of an existing club, you may be wondering what U.S.I.C. has to offer your organization. First, in any non-profit volunteer organization, there are always two jobs that no one wants, because they are HARD. Those are the newsletter editor and the speaker coordinator.

It's tough putting out a monthly newsletter. When your club affiliates with U.S.I.C., our national newsletter becomes your club newsletter. No more tedious compiling of lists or mad rushes to meet deadlines. Of course, you will want to continue to send out short meeting notices, but this takes most of the work out of it. If you don't want to send out meeting notices, we can post them on the Internet for you.

The speaker coordinator has to spend a lot of time on long distance trying to get through to very busy presenters. U.S.I.C. has established relationships with some of the most sought-after speakers in the country. If your club is flexible as to your meeting dates, we can often arrange to have a speaker present at several clubs over a few days in the same geographic area. This makes it easier for smaller clubs to get great speakers. See the "Guest Speakers" link for a partial list of some of the great speakers who come to our clubs.

Other benefits include our database matching service and free web sites. Database matching puts investors with no club affiliation in touch with your club. We can help you build your membership base. If your club has a web site, we can provide a link on our site to yours, which will increase your traffic. If you don't already have a site, we will provide free space on our site for your club.

What does all this cost? There is no charge for individuals or clubs to affiliate with U.S.I.C. All the work is done by volunteers. Individual clubs may charge nominal fees to cover the costs of meeting space, but at this time there is no plan for the national organization to collect any kind of fees. If you are interested in applying for Club affiliation, contact



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