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Recommended Products and Services

The following products and services are recommended by the U.S. Investor Clubs. Please investigate each item for yourself to determine if any of them are suitable for your investing goals.


We are happy to announce that the US Investor Clubs Board of Directors has officially endorsed the iDayo Portfolio Management Tool ( porfolio managment tool. iDayo delivers unique financial content to professional money managers, financial planners, stock brokers, individuals and others in the business of providing investment services. It brings new insight to portfolio management with the world's most powerful tool for asset allocation, mutual fund selection, and stock selection. The web-based applications focus on vital data that has been underutilized in the past. iDayo seamlessly converts institutional holdings data into powerful investment applications and transforms voluminous data feeds containing the holdings of thousands of mutual funds and private institutions into valuable investment content.

INFORMATION AND TRACK RECORD: iDayo Web Site (look for track record link near bottom of navigation menu)